Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Villaraigosa Pulls Cops out of Household Trash

Robbing Peter to pay Paul has never made things better. It just makes finances harder to track and impossible to hold anybody accountable for not getting things done.

Take for instance the scheme to have Lotto pay for schools. Tell me, since Lotto was sold to the public, has education improved? Or, how about the 30 percent fuel tax that is supposed to pay for roads, has that made the streets any better?

I think the reason why Los Angeles does not want anymore police officers is because they have a questionable reputation. When city attorneys defended the City from suits brought about by its citizens, it did two things. One, it saved Los Angeles a ton of money. And two, it protected the managers that fostered the abusive culture.

In protecting the City, the City Attorney’s protected the problem. As a result, the LAPD still can not meet the terms of the consent decree even after five years. Incidents continue to remind citizens why they should vote against adding more officers to an undesirable culture that can not protect its citizens or embrace a court ordered mandate.

I for one know full well that the price of trash collection will be going up because we can’t seem to settle simple things like where to put all the trash once it is collected. If the City can not manage the Police Department, why would I want to raise the price of trash collection? Leave the trash alone! Fix the Police Department. For that matter, stay out of the School District too. Please don’t mismanage another area until you can demonstrate that you can handle what is on your plate with some consistency.


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