Thursday, June 30, 2005

Consider it a Mismanagement Surcharge

Why did you say the rates were going up? Posted by Picasa

Does it come as a surprise that DWP rates are going up?

Almost anyone will tell you the legal system is expensive, time consumming, and inefficient. If anyone would stop and count how many times the City attorneys have spent $ millions to save a pennies worth of over-paid egos, it would quickly become very clear why rates are going up, up, up!

The truths, albeit delayed, are coming out.

Rocky Road Suit tarnishes city attorney’s polished image By Jeffrey Anderson.

It is a wonder that managers can continue as if the main stream news has not covered the extent to which the DWP has been mismanaged and undermined. It seems Mayor James Kenneth Hahn Blue Ribbon committees, hand-picked Board, and General Manager Ron Deaton have not stemmed the tide on the millions spent undermining its own employees in the courts and administrative hearing rooms. Anything to protect the the status quo. The list keeps growing, and growing, and growing...

It seems the managers at DWP have seen the new Mayor as another opportunity to maintain the status quo. We will be regularly updating this list.

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