Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dereliction of Duty and Wanton Mismanagement -- Mayor & Council Condoned?

Three major power outages in a month. One of outages at the City Hall coincides with citizen complaints and a management sick out at DWP. Intimidation, retaliation, and coercion against DWP employees reported regularly. Heart wrenching comments from employees and vendors at City Council meetings. DWP management personnel actions overturned by Superior Court because they are arbitrary and capricious. $Millions of public funds spent in supposedly illegal confidential settlements. Contractors Fleishman-Hillard, Ch2M Hill, et al running amok under DWP management.

These are not isolated issues. These are not irrational employees. These are very clear indicators of systemic wanton mismanagement and dereliction of duty and deserving of your immediate and full attention. Why do you think this should continue to be condoned by you? This cannot be your new vision for Los Angeles.

And now Sandra Miranda is being harassed by Faye Strong who works for Gary Wong who works for Thomas Hokinson, Assistant General Manager. These retaliatory personnel actions are being orchestrated at high levels of the organization. Does every employee who exercises their first amendment rights get harassed at DWP?

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Council Members please exercise your authority and stop this right now.

OCTOBER 14 - 20, 2005
DWP’s Endless Storm Therapists summoned to deal with angry workers on desert project by JEFFREY ANDERSON

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Villaraigosa vs. Hahn -- Is the difference solely in the packaging?

Jeffery Anderson at LA WEEKLY has exposed some frighteningly obvious problems with City Hall in his article, "The Hidden Empire: What DWP’s massive raise says about L.A.’s leadership."

In essense, a couple of nameplates have changed at City Hall, but the spots, the players, the motives, and the outcomes remain disgustingly the same.

How does Mayor Villaraigosa and company intend to reach fairness, honesty, and transparency in Los Angeles city governance with patronage and spoils being the first and it seems only order of the day? Might as well switch from Marlboro to Winston to quit smoking or from coke to crack to get off drugs. Funny how Villaraigosa and Cardenas defer to the City Attorney's Office for rulings. Isn't that like consulting a mirror? How about asking a rate payor?

How much longer are we going to placate these scoundrels?