Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Mayor Out & About

It is good to see a Mayor that is out and about. Smiling, rubbing elbows with the “common worker.” The trouble is the “common worker” in Los Angeles doesn’t make over $70 grand with health, dental, and retirement benefits. How quickly they forget. They voted for the other guy, didn’t they?

I must hand it to the Mayor he has identified crucially important areas: Education, Transportation, and Corruption. We have come up short on education and transportation and gone long on corruption during the past administration.

The ethics commitment puts everyone on notice. Sounds fair. Did anyone mention that the City laws, Administrative Code, and oaths required by all city personnel already contain a Code of Ethics? It wasn’t the oath that was the problem, it was the enforcement – holding individuals accountable. It just wasn't done. When the Mayor starts using the “A” [Accountability] word and gets serious with some of its managers, then we will have somebody special.